Project Cargo Handling

Service Overview

No matter the place, the complexity or the dimensions: we can transport any heavy lift or oversized cargo to its final destination. This requires a smart planning from the first stages to avoid extra costs and to manage all the regulative aspects, like taxes or customs compliances, geographical challenges and environmental protection.

We have a wide range of experience in providing dedicated project cargo logistics for Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Mining, Port equipment, Rail and Manufacturing industries.

Our expert team analyses the scale of the project and coordinates all the necessary resources to accomplish the delivery with the greatest efficiency.


Our goal is to provide you with any specialty transportation solution that you need, domestic and international. If your transportation needs do not fit neatly into another category, we can find a unique and customized solution for you. Some custom options include:(Domestic and International).

Oversized & Over dimensional– For oversized or heavy-haul loads requiring a permit or escort to move, we get the right equipment and trucks lined up for you .

Why We?

  • Thorough Route studies
  • Disciplined door to door transport
  • Customs consultancy